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We are focussed on building strategic partnerships with businesses to create revolutionary payments as a service technology for digital commerce and change the way people interact with payment platforms.

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to take payments to a level that is undefined.

About EML Finlab

We're evolving the way the world thinks about payments.

Evolving the future of payments means daring to think outside of the box.



The magic to our FinLab partnerships happens when we find the win-win-win where we can help you achieve your growth ambitions via our brand & distribution, where your products & services compliment our EML product offerings and most importantly where it helps solve customer or business pain points wherever money is in motion. We have a world of experience when it comes to payments and we'll roll up our sleeves and collaborate with you to design and integrate our combined capabilities to create this magic.



We want your help to innovate and disrupt the status quo in payments, globally and we're looking for those who are passionate about reimagining how money moves and have tested and brought this to life in your area of expertise or focus. We love working at pace to make this happen as we know that the speed of change in the payments landscape is ever increasing. We are not in the business of building everything ourselves, rather we believe a healthy ecosystem of partnerships with fintechs (such as yours) is the way EML can bring best in breed products & services to our clients to help them create amazing experiences for their customers.



We are a global business providing services to clients in 28 countries (and growing) and we're looking for partners who are global or looking to become global and ready to scale with us today! We can help you test new products & services with our real customers and navigate how to get into these markets effectively and efficiently. More and more our clients are demanding global solutions themselves so how we help solve this, remove friction in the process and give access to cutting edge solutions,  is top of mind for us in our FinLab partnerships.

What does it take?

Desirable business characteristics

We love creating awesome experiences for our customers and ultimately their customers and we want to partner with equally enthusiastic and passionate people in the industry to do this at scale, in new and innovative ways. We have seven criteria that we look to when considering investment opportunities and partnerships and above all of this cultural alignment between our two companies is a must. We love working with our equals in passion, collaborative pioneering and those who have a hunger for reimagining the way money moves.

Simple Business Model

Global Scalability

Recognisable Brand

Clearly Identified Competitive Advantage

Passionate Team

Proven Production Proposition

Revenue Generative

Where to next?

We want something that is tangible, not just an idea. You are about to go on a journey that will allow us to discover what stage you are at.

Innovative Partnerships

We have collaborated with ambitious brands and people including:

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